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How it works:

  • You will learn about your own relationship regarding conflict resolution, communication skills, stress levels, partner habits, leisure activities, marriage expectations, personality profiles, and other topics.

  • There is an online survey that you will complete separately. The questions you respond to are based on your unique relationship and therefore the customized to help you identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of your relationship.

  • There are between 2-6 sessions depending on your schedules and desires. Sessions are 60 minutes and held at my office in Denver, Colorado. 


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Why Marriage Preparation?

Preparing for your marriage is often overlooked as plans for your "big day" get under way.  Marriage preparation (premarital counseling) highlights why you became engaged and helps you prepare for your marriage. ​ With premarital counseling, you’ll start to address key areas, so that you know how to deal with them when they arise. Whether you and your partner are dating, considering marriage, or currently engaged, premarital counseling will be a step towards deepening your connection and understanding of one another.

You will more fully understand the way you each receive, process, and relay information. ​You will appreciate asking for what you need, expressing how you feel, and actively listening to your partner. You'll discover how to open communication so you communicate in a way that brings you closer. The program is customized for each couple and will address your unique relationship (i.e religious, non-religious, cohabitating, parenting, etc.)  All couples who are dating, engaged, or newly married welcome!

Couples find the program very validating of their relationship and report that it's fun! 

Understand each other's point of view

You probably already have good communication already, and you will build on your strengths to enhance your communication. 

Set Goals

In order to establish marriage expectations and create relationship goals, you have to know where you’re going together.

Engage Healthy Conflict

Conflict can lead to growth when you know how you share opinions, ideas, and feelings effectively during times of conflict.

Learn effective ways be on common ground and have less conflict in your relationship.

Enhance relationship and marital satisfaction

Identify and communicate about your fears, desires, beliefs, values, dreams, and needs. Marriage preparation empowers couples to discuss marriage stressors before they become a potential problem and gives your marriage stability, cohesiveness, and trust.

Get to know your (new) family

You may love your soon-to-be in-laws, but have you ever thought about the ways in which your new family impacts the way your fiancé sees you and your relationship? With marriage preparation you'll will gain insights about this. And if you don't like your in-laws, we'll talk about that too. 

Explore hot topics ! 

Faith and spirituality, personality, finances, stress management, politics, parenting, and affection.