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Marriage Preparation/Premarital Counseling

Planning for your wedding is exciting, romantic, and full of optimism! Preparing for your marriage is often overlooked as plans for your "big day" get under way.  Marriage preparation highlights why you became engaged and helps you prepare for your marriage. When you are so in love, you might not think about all the things you'll face once you get married. With premarital counseling, you’ll start to address key areas, so that you know how to deal with them when they arise. Whether you and your partner are dating, considering marriage, or currently engaged, premarital counseling will be a step towards deepening your connection and understanding of one another.


The rehearsal is an essential aspect of planning to get everyone comfortable for the ceremony. It is fun, yet productive, and offers us one more opportunity to finalize last minute questions or concerns anyone may have. 

Baby Blessings

A baby blessing is a wonderful ceremony to celebrate a new life. The ceremony honors the spiritual life of the baby and is a time for prayerful intentions for a good life with blessings for the journey. The ceremony also invites the parents to offer their pledge of support and love.  

Memorials, Funerals, Celebrations of life

Grief is a process, a long journey of acceptance and healing. A memorial service is a very important aspect of that process. In the depths of early grief, it may feel overwhelming to make decisions. I can help plan a memorable and meaningful observance through this time of transition. My purpose is to understand your loved one, honor them by celebrating the life that they lived, and provide care and support to family and friends.

Spiritual Direction

The purpose of Spiritual Direction is to become more attuned to one's inner guidance. As a Spiritual Director, my main intention is to listen, ask questions, and offer a prayerful atmosphere where you can be attentive to the spirituality of your life. 

Retreat facilitation

Retreats are a way to take one's spiritual practice deeper. They offer time and space away from the busyness and demands of daily life, and allow the mind, body, and spirit to relax. Retreats are a common practice in many spiritual traditions and are a valuable tool to aid one's spiritual life.


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