Colorado Wedding Officiant and Minister

What do we need to do to prepare for our meeting?
Invite family members and/or close friends to attend. You may want to have some pictures, I will ask for memories and stories. I'll also ask you about how you think your loved one will want to be remembered.

What should we expect when you meet with us?
I will listen compassionately as I facilitate a natural and spontaneous conversation.  I will ask how you are feeling and invite you to tell stories about your loved one. We will then talk about the service and how you would like your loved one to be remembered.

We would like to incorporate different faith traditions. Is that possible?
Absolutely.  I am familiar with funerals, memorials and life tribute rituals from a variety of faiths and traditions. My studies have included a variety of traditions, including Christianity, Metaphysics, Judaism, Buddhism, as well as others. 

Will you provide a non-religious service?
Absolutely. There are numerous ways in which to honor your loved one in meaningful and heartfelt ways that does not use religious language or rituals. ​​​​

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Memorials, Funerals, Celebrations of life

Grief is a process, a long journey of acceptance and healing. A memorial is a very important aspect of that process. In the depths of early grief, it may feel overwhelming to make decisions. I can help plan a memorable and meaningful observance through this time of transition. My purpose is to understand your loved one, honor them by celebrating the life that they lived, and provide care and support to family and friends.

You have my personal assurance that I will deliver a beautiful and memorable service with warmth, dignity, reverence and compassion.  It will be my privilege to work with you to create a service that is a healing and comforting process. I will honor your loved one in meaningful and heartfelt. 

  • Familiarity with rituals from a variety of faith traditions

  • Pastoral presence of warmth, dignity, reverence and compassion

  • Exceptional leadership, public speaking, and communication skills 

Where to start:
The first step is to meet so I can learn about your loved one so the funeral will remember the essence, spirit and character of your loved one who has passed away. I offer a genuine pastoral presence that invites you to share your feelings and emotions. Families have found this meeting to be extremely valuable and healing. Often there is laughter, joy, and celebration in the midst of tears and grief. 

Planning the service:
Planning a service that reflects your loved one is my primary focus. I’ll guide you to think about what you think will be meaningful. Do you want Religious? Non-Religious? Readings? Scripture? Life Stories? Music? DVD Presentation? Eulogy? Life Tribute? Candle lighting? There are many details to consider, yet my simple guidance will help you along the way so that you are not overwhelmed.   

Faiths & Traditions:
As a seminary-educated, professional minister, I am familiar with funerals, memorials and life tribute rituals from a variety of faiths and traditions. Whether you are religious, spiritual or secular, I can work with you to create a beautiful and meaningful service.

Frequently Asked Questions