Example pledges to baby from the parents​​

Ideas to include in a baby blessing ceremony

  • Introduction

  • Opening prayer

  • Significance of the name

  • Reading(s)

  • Pledges (parents, family, community)

  • Blessing of the baby 

  • Closing prayer

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unique, loving and spiritual Baby Blessing Ceremony you performed for our “Kai." It was absolutely perfect.  I will always remember it and cherish it in my memories and in my heart!   He was transfixed by you – it was glorious.  I loved how you gave us the beautiful meaning of his name as well. Wonderful. You  are AWESOME! "~Char

"Vince officiated the most beautiful baby blessing for our daughter. He really took the time to get to know our little family and make the ceremony so personal and beautiful. Our whole family couldn't stop talking about what a wonderful ceremony it was. Our daughter is so blessed in that she has 11 grandparents and Vince managed to incorporate every single one of them. Please feel free to contact me for an additional reference. Thank you Vince, if we're blessed with another child we will be calling you again."

With grateful hearts,  Jenny, Joey

  • We promise to be loving, supportive and grateful parents.

  • We will provide you with strong morals and teach you to treat people based on the content of their character.

  • We will help you when you fall and rejoice with you when you succeed.

  • We will teach you right from wrong and how to enjoy the many blessings of life.

  • We will surround you with diverse cultures and perspectives.

  • We will teach you how celebrate your diversity, background and culture.  

  • You are our priority and we will always be thankful to be your parents.

  • We will recognize your worth as a person, and help you to strengthen  your sense of belonging to the human family. 

  • We will give you our love so that you may grow with trust in yourself  and in other people. 

  • We will respect your right to be yourself and, at the same time, help  you to understand the rights of others. 

  • We will encourage you always to search for the truth. 

  • We will give you the opportunity to develop your own understanding of  life and a respect for all living beings.

  • ​Share reasons for why the baby's name was chosen and your hopes for your baby's future. 

  • Invite family members to say something they wish for the baby for the future 

  • Have a book of blank pages in which everyone present can write a special message for the child to read in later years.

Example  baby blessing ceremony

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Baby Blessings 

A baby blessing is a wonderful ceremony to celebrate a new life. The ceremony honors the life of a baby and is a time for prayerful intentions for a good life with blessings for the journey. The ceremony also invites the  parents to offer their pledge of support and love. Family and friends gather around the baby to welcome the new child onto this planet and honor him or her with all that she or he will contribute to the wider world around them.


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